Monday, December 29, 2008

French Quarter

I just got word that I will be spending New Year's Eve and Day in New Orleans on Bourbon Street! I am so excited that's all I can say. I've always wanted to go there and now I get my chance on the craziest day of the year. I leave early Wednesday and I'll be back in town on Saturday. I hope I get some awesome pictures.

The Woods

The other day I took a trip up to Helen to chill in the woods, find some waterfalls, and just get away from the everday. And of course I brought my camera along, so if you want to check out my pics just click.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

4x5 Scan

So I scanned one of my 4x5's today. It was just on a regular lexmark scanner nothing fancy, but I like the way it turned out. It looks more like a painting to me than a picture. But I know the up coming quarter (2009 woop woop) we're going back into the studio with the 4x5 and I'm looking forward to it. I got a lot of cool ideas and I can't wait to see how they turn out.


It began with a seemingly simple question. As a designer and builder of cameras, what could one do that has not been done before? The question came on the heels of an earlier project which involved the design and construction of an astrocamera having a resolution of 0.01 millimeter across photographic plates that are 356 millimeters square. Recognizing this to be the equivalent of 1250-megapixel imagery prompted the question of whether or not anything comparable had been achieved in the context of landscape photography. Some back-of-the-envelope calculations concerning the performance of conventional large-format cameras indicated that it had not. Thus began a quest which has become ever more fascinating; namely the pursuit of full-color panoramic landscapes which contain prodigious amounts of information. For more information on the Gigapxl Project and to see more images Click Here!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hasselblad H3DII-50

So yeah, this is what I got for christmas!!! NOT! In my so far away dreams, but this would be killer. If I could only sell my Mom's house and my car this camera would be mine. This camera has an amazing 50 million pixel sensor! Oh well, maybe next year. To check more out on this awesome camera go to Hasselblad. And I hope everyone's christmas was great.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Planet Playhouse

Happy Holiday's From Hector, Randy, and the newest memeber of the gang, Crunchie (not to forget about munchie)! The pictures are up on Flickr and the Planet Playhouse video is complete. Hope you enjoy a good holiday chuckle. Click here to check out the video. And for more information about the gang Click here!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Death to Munchie

So I'm taking promo pics for a video that will be up soon on youtube, of Randy, Hector, and munchie. Poor munchie! He got burned, just goes to show Don't Smoke! Anyway the video is going to be about the wacky telephone numbers that you can find on the Rejection Hotline. The most popular number right now is the Santa Hotline: 973-409-3309.

More pics of Munchie, Randy, and Hector coming soon!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Day

Last Day of school, well for at least two weeks. I'm so psyched! I'm going to be relaxing, sleeping in, while still blogging. I plan on taking some pictures, but for fun and maybe experimenting a little bit. So I hope everyone has a safe and awesome holiday's!

Hi Jessica!!!!

ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU LOG OFF THE COMPUTERS or the burly men will come!!!

Interview With Myself

I interview myself. I talk about what I've learned this quarter and where I'm headed afterwards. It's been fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wish List

All I want for Christmas is a Nikon 16mm f2.8D AF Fisheye Lens, a Fisheye Lens, see my Fisheye Lens. Gee, if I could only have a Nikon 16mm f2.8D AF Fisheye Lens, then I could wish you "Merry Christmas."

Gregory Heisler Interviewed by Mel Scott

Today at Gwinnett Technical College, Mel Scott interviewed Gregory Heisler. He spoke of how he got started, what equipment he uses, and what inspires him. It was an awesome interview. Mel Scott also gave words of wisdom to us. The interview was very motivating. It inspired me to keep doing what I love.

Also you might want to check out

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

High Museum

I recently went to the High Museum with Lottie. I was looking forward to seeing the China's Terracotta Army, which was really awesome. But I also saw a lot of cool photography there with the traveling installations they have. It was pretty sweet!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Denis Reggie

Today I saw Denis Reggie come through our Mac lab and I guess I was just star struck, but I didn't know what to say when Mrs. Harkins introduced Him to us. I smiled and waved. That's all I could do. Mrs. Harkins was giving him a tour of GTC.

Finished Fantasy Shoot

Finally after reshoot after reshoot, I got a good image. This assignment taught me how to pay attention to all the little details, like ISO, your flash, and whether your camera is taking RAW or JPEG, because in the end it can make a good image great. Not that this is great, but I like it!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

W. Eugene Smith

While working on my photo essay on gravediggers I googled photo essay and W. Eugene Smith's name popped up. He's work is incredible, his printing is expressive and dramatic. I love pictures that evoke emotions, and his truly do.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Adventures of Randy and Tina

So this is the video I made with Clay Smith and Lottie's help for my multimedia II class. It's about color shifts and all that jazz. Enjoy!

The Food Photographer

Ever wonder who takes all those amazing pictures of food on your Denny's menu? Check out Barry Holiday!

My Video Shoot

This is Randy and Tina. They are my actors for my Color Shift Video I'm doing for Mr. Jones. I can't wait to get started. Also the Clay Smith is helping with the music that is in the video. It's going to be great!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Shooting Weddings

Today in Advanced Portraiture we talked about wedding photography, and the do's and don'ts of how to shoot one. I've shot one wedding as kind of an assistant and it's no joke it's hard work. I'm interested in shooting more to get the experience. While looking at wedding photographers I found this cool site, Wedding Photojournalist Association, where you can join and upload your wedding photos in contests and win up to $1000. And if your interested on how to shoot a wedding go to want to shoot weddings.

A Rare Alignment

Tonight is the night to shoot, cause not only is the Moon out, but Jupiter and Venus too. And you probably won't see them this close until 2052. To check more out on this click here.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

More on Grave Diggers

So since I've been in Mississippi for the holidays I have visited the Lakewood Cemetery to take more pictures of grave diggers for my final four. I think I got some really cool shots, at least I'm hoping. The people there helped me out so much, they were more than willing to help me get a good pic.

Margaret Bourke White

Margaret Bourke-White is a woman of many firsts. She was a forerunner in the newly emerging field of photojournalism, and was the first female to be hired as such.
I love her style and how she was always at the right spot at the right time.

Friday, November 28, 2008


So while I've been spending time with the family, I got an early christmas present, which are two cute kittens. Which means a lot of cute photo opportunities. I also found this cute site of more best friend photos. And for more of my kitten pics click here.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Executive Portrait

I shot Bob DeLorme for my executive portrait. Bob is the program director, and respiratory care technology at GTC. Thanks Bob!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pseudo-Macro Lens

I recently bought a closeup filter, which is kind of similar to the macro lens, but not as nice and as expensive. I took some pictures of liquids trying to make some cool designs. After Mr. Jones showed us Allison Shockley I thought I would try to do the same thing. Mine aren't as cool, but with more practice there could be some really cool results. To see some more of my liquids Click here.

On The Road

So I'm headed to Mississippi today and these are just the main things I'm bringing. Since I'll be gone till Sunday I'm going to be needing my camera for crazy family happenings, and the cemetery I'm going to be shooting. And I hope to come back with some cool pics.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For The Holidays

I'll be leaving Georgia soon and heading to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. To spend time with the good ole' family. But while I'm stuffing my face with turkey doesn't mean I won't be taking pictures. I found this cool cemetery in MS., so I plan on shooting as much as I can for final four. And I hope everyone has a safe and awesome Turkey Day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My interview with Lottie

So Lottie interviewed me about what I've been doing lately with photography.

The Art Guild

So recently I became a member of the Monroe Art Guild and for there 14th Annual Winter Show I will be putting in three entries (Savannah Beach pictures). I can't wait, and I hope I place, because I can win some money and also they will let my work hang up until March. So wish me luck!

Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar

The 36th Annual Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar is coming to town December 5-6, 2008. If you would like to go you need to register online today at I'm going and can't wait to attend the lighting from the bag workshop.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Environmental Portrait Shoot

I shot Douglas Aldridge for my environmental portrait in my photojournalism class. The environment I captured was that of a singer/songwriter. It's a simple portrait, but I think it caught the everyday moment of Douglas.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Myspace Photographer

Wow! this video shows that anyone can be a photographer now-a-days. But when it comes down to taking a great picture not many people can. The one's who can are Photographer's.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Oxford Project

Yes, the one on the left is me 18 years ago. I got this idea from Peter Feldstein, who started The Oxford Project in 1984, he set out to photograph every last person in Oxford, Iowa. Two decades later, he's doing it again, creating a unique portrait of heartland America. There simple photographs of everyday people that live in this town, and 20 years later he takes there picture the same way. It's so amazing to me what you can tell about a person in a picture. I would love to be able to do something like this one day.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Abandoned Places

I guess you can say it's kind of a hobby of mine to take pictures of abandoned houses. I love finding cool and interesting things in them. I also found this awesome site that has amazing images of abandoned places with information on where it is, so I thought that was really cool. It's called Opacity. I have more pictures like this one on flickr, so if you would like you can check those out!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My First Interview

My interview with Lottie Holmquist. Let's just say it's pretty interesting!


This picture was taken by Circo Totku and he makes minimalist images and abstract photographs of nature. I love this kind of photography, because it is simple and stripped away from the essentials and focuses on what is important to or the main focus of the photograph. Instead of reading it it's there right in front of you. I think life should be more minimalist and not so dramatic, but that's just me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

So today is Veterans Day, thought I would give a shout out to all the Veterans out there including my Grandfather who was in WWII. I also found an article in the ajc on Georgia War Veterans homes being takin away. To read more on this article click here! It's crazy.

Photo Essay

I went to Barrow County today, where I'm shooting my photo essay on gravediggers. The people helped me out a lot by letting me poke around and even let me get into one of there graves they were digging. I learned a lot today and that there is more to just digging the grave.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Painting with Light

So I think night photography is really cool, and using sparklers makes it that more fun. And I really got curious if there was any cool photographers that do this also and I found Eric Staller. His light drawings and sculptures date as far back as the late 70s. He was perhaps the first photographer to paint light into live urban environments.

To view more of my spontaneous painting with light click here.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Candy Cigarette

This photo is by Sally Mann. I love this photo, because it looks like just a simple portrait, but it's more like a triple portrait. Right beside the girl holding the candy cigarette is another girl with her back turned away from the camera, but still possing, and in the back is a boy on stilts. I love the dynamic going on between the three children portrayed. To read more about the photo click here.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finished Fantasy shoot

I'm finally posting my fantasty pictures. It was an interesting shoot, cause I was shooting my sister and making her touch soot and step on burned clothes. Not really her thing. Anyway I think I got some cool pics. Check' em Out!

Went Pro!

So I went Pro on my Flickr account. And I posted the rest of the fill flash pics, so check it out by clicking here!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fill Flash

So yesterday I shot Evelyn for my fill flash! I got some really cool pics, which I'll be posting soon. It was great weather to be shooting in a lake. I thought it would be cold, but it was quit nice. But just when things were rapping up my phone fell into the lake. I could not save it it drowned. I've had this phone for about 4 years now, and in 4 years you aquire a lot of numbers. Gone! But besides that it was a awesome shoot, cause of my awesome model Evelyn and assistant Lottie!

“If You Can Shoot Food, You Can Shoot Anything!”

Food photography is considered one of the most difficult specialties for professional photographers. There is a saying in the industry, “If you can shoot food, you can shoot anything.” The primary reason for this difficulty is how little time you have to shoot before the food looks like garbage. Within 1-3 minutes after putting a beautiful plate on a table to shoot, whip cream runs, wet food dries, fried food becomes greasy, ice cream melts, and steaming food doesn’t. Sometimes you only have time to get off 2-3 shots before the food is no longer at its photographic best.

To read more on this Click Here!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fantasy Shoot

Today I took pictures for the glamour/fantasy assignment in Advanced Portraiture. I will be posting finished images and more pics on flickr soon! click picture to see bigger.

Nikon vs. Canon

Among camera pros, the “Canon vs. Nikon” debate is as eternal and as heated any Mac vs. PC smackdown. And, with Nikon’s release of the D3 and D300 D-SLRs, the war of words has picked up with renewed frenzy.
If you’re passionate about this, it’s easy to be drawn into the discussion at an emotional level and lose perspective, but there are some rational voices adding to the mix.
If you would like to read more on this debated article Click Here.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Desert Shoot w/Joe McNally

I thought this video would be somewhat helpful since I have a fill flash assignment coming up pretty soon, and Joe the Photographer really knows his stuff. If you would like more info on lighting from Joe go to his Blog!

Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Eve

I thought I would post a creepy picture for Halloween. I took this picture at Jeykell Island where most of my final four was takin for the second quarter of school (using the zone system). If you would like to see it bigger click on the picture.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Video

My Life Story project I had to do for my Multimedia Class. It's about me, where I came from, and where I am headed.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grave Digger

This is going to be my topic for final four. I know it might sound weird, but I think it will be interesting, an I know I can get a lot of cool images out of it. To see crazy images and where I got the idea from Click Here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holiday, Celebrate

Yeah, so I went out in the cold today and posted the Gwinnett Tech Holiday fliers in downtown Lawrenceville, I even posted one in an elevator. Go Gwinnett Tech Holiday Portraits!!!

Zoo Zoo

I finally got to go to the Zoo yesterday with Lottie. It was really cool, cause I haven't been to the zoo since elementary school. An I finally got to see the Pandas! To see more pics click on Boo at the Zoo.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Got R' Done

This Sunday I went to the Atlanta Motor Speedway to see me some Nascar. And no I'm not a fan. I never watch it, but I was lucky to go and when I got there I was in for a "good ole' boy" culture shock. It's pretty much a Woodstock for rednecks from what I gathered. The smell of burned rubber, the beer cans decorating the ground, and the loud humming of the cars going around, an around, an around got me in the mood to get r' done!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Farted on Me Today

So I was surrounded with fall festivities today. You know the cake walkin, the hay bale ridin, bobbin for apples kinda deal. I'm not usually the person that does these things, but I did an it was fun. I got to eat a country broil, pet some furry critters, and listen to some Free Bird. All in all it was a good day!